BeLeaf Cannabis is a leader in the Cannabis Cultivation arena and his expertise and knowledge have been a catalyst for many up and coming growers to make their way in the industry. BeLeaf comes with over 33 years cultivation experience and is a seed tester for many larger breeders in the industry. BeLeafs’ unflinching commitment to excellence in cultivation has guided BeLeaf Cannabis to the forefront of the industry with flowers that are truly spectacular. BeLeaf Cannabis is also well respected in the industry as a Pheno hunter and his selections can be found in Colabs and breeding projects with many top breeders. The clone sales arm of BeLeaf Cannabis has the reputation and genetics that have changed many cultivation with insanely unique selections of some of the best genetics in the game.




We are absolutely delighted to welcome @bezzle710 to the Hybrid Cup panel. Straight out of the U.K, Bezzle710 is one of the finest growers around today accumulating multiple awards for his hard work. Bezzle is also known for growing some of the most valuable strains around today receiving cuts from some of the biggest breeders in the world as well as selecting his own winners. His experience will be most valuable in this category.




We're very excited to welcome Blackleaf on the Hybrid Cup panel (N.America) Blackleaf produces high end premium products working tirelessly on boutique quality flowers and everything that stems from it whether it be extraction, genetics, seed making or branding. If you would like to learn more about Blackleaf his interview on the Caliplug podcast on youtube is very informative and inspiring.




Chewberto 420 is cannabis photographer and writer and a perfect individual to judge the Hybrid Cup category (N.America) Chewberto 420 is surrounded by the best samples the industry has to offer on a daily basis and puts them all on a perfect pedestal with word class photography that not many can compete with, if at all. It's the eye for detail that makes Chewberto so successful and he certainly sets the bar at the highest of levels when it comes to product presentation.




Dank Of England is the largest U.K cannabis lifestyle and activist brand hosting a huge array of smoking products and clothing. Pioneered by the late cannabis and music legend Black The Ripper and long life friend and manager Screechtree who we're absolutely honoured to have involved in this event! Dank Of England truly are a brand that have more than contributed to normalising cannabis and have opened many roads for people whether they realise it or not and they still continue to be prominent and delivering the same core message that cannabis should be legalised everywhere! Dank Of England are also prevalent with their pop up shops which they tour all round the U.K. Check out their website for the latest info.




Frosted Dank Genetics (Uncle Frostie) is a multiple award winning breeder/boutique grower and is one half of the duo Frosted London Dank with @londondank and is also the founder of the brand Pie and Mash Boys. We're absolutely delighted to have Uncle Frostie's many years experience and knowledge for the Hybrid Cup category and we know his input will be very valuable.




Lady Sativa Genetics are a collective of growers from Europe with Jah Hoover being the main man breeding elite strains that are amongst the top of the food chain right now. With a whole host of seeds/genetics that are made for the connoisseur in mind, LSG have racked up an impressive amount of awards in a short space of time and are certain to add to that cabinet with their recent lines. LSG also recently teamed up with @bignarstie @iamtheplugworldwide to create @bdltheplug in Tenerife and we wish them nothing but success in this amazing looking project where you can go and get your LSG flavours 1st hand!




We're delighted to welcome one of the U.K's most exciting breeders Mean Beanz to the panel of hybrid judges as they really know how to make an amazing hybrid! Mean Beanz started growing and pheno hunting over 2 decades ago but it wasn't until they joined the cannabis community 6 years ago that they truly became a big hit! They have established a name for themselves making friends with many great like-minded breeders around the world and since then blown up internationally and have created a wide range of truly unique flavours that have been backed by happy customers all round.




We're super excited to announce Ocean Wisdom to the judging panel as he is well known for being a big weed lover and is always searching for those high-level unique flavours! Ocean Wisdom is a Camden (London) born unfiltered rapper who applies his craft to mainly Hip Hop & Grime. His most recent albums Wizzville and Big Talk Vol 1 was a massive success featuring the likes of Method Man, Dizzy Rascal, P.Money, Roots Manuva & Ghetts just to mention a few. The song that put Wizzy on the path to success was his debut track 'Walkin' which broke Eminem's Rap God record for fastest rapper delivering more words per second which received huge plaudits in the industry. This man has high level poetry to match his fast flow and can drop in and out of half time very smoothly making Ocean a very versatile artist that adapts to any bpm you throw at him as long as it's a dank beat of course.








@iamtheplugworldwide (Jack) is the founder and owner of the multiple award winning brand racking up a mighty impressive amount of awards for flowers, extracts and seeds. Part of his great success is knowing what's hot and what's not and this reputation is evident as the brand forever gains traction and expansion, boasting smoking clubs in BCN and Tenerife, a coffee shop in Amsterdam along with a merch shop, seedbank and music label. He is without a doubt an inspiration to anyone starting their own brand in the industry and proving that ambition, dedication and a good eye for business can get you a very long way in a short space of time.




We are absolutely delighted to announce that wonderbrett will be judging the Non Solvent Cup (N.America) Wonderbrett, located in Long Beach California has become one of the most dominant and unique cannabis brands in the state and their creativity really transcends the ordinary into the extraordinary. Their ultra-premium flower is crafted with a vision - flavour over everything.

With decades of combined experience the Wonderbrett team has nailed the whole package from their very rare genetics all the way to their presentation and this is no easy task to accomplish. Only a great eye for detail and hard work can pull this off and they have it in abundance!




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AUGUST 27TH-29TH 2021

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