It's an honour to welcome multiple award winner Aficionado to the N.America Breeders Cup panel. Founded in Northern California's Emerald Triangle, Aficionado has been constantly raising the bar as a boutique breeder and grower, tailoring highly exclusive designer strains. Aficionado is well known as a visionary uniting legendary heirloom genetics making their work incredibly exclusive and refined.




Milo AKA the Big Buddha Seeds is known as the first creator of the cheese seed, winning multiple cups around the world with his Big Buddha Cheese and Blue Cheese. Big Buddha are constantly striving for perfection and never rest on their previous achievements, always developing and improving their genetics every year. Milo has also been a writer in the industry for many years and along with his breeding experience comes with a plethora of knowledge that we're honoured to have in the Breeders Cup (flower)




What an honour it is to announce a true legend in the industry Dave Crockett to the Breeders Cup category (N.America) Dave Crockett is a multiple award winning breeder that runs a 3rd generation family farm (Crockett Family Farms).


Crockett Family Farms are responsible for some of the most well known genetics today like Tangie and Strawberry Banana and boast a genetics library of over a 150 different strains which includes a wide variety of phenotypes and flavour profiles. Crockett Family Farms genetics have won over 100 awards from some the world's biggest competitions and continue to create stable elite genetics that are currently carried in over half of the dispensaries in California.


@therealcrockett420 @crockettfarmsofficial


Dark Horse Genetics is a multiple award winning breeder with over 20 years of cultivation experience at the highest levels, producing world famous genetics like Bruce Banner 3. This is no doubt down to quality selections and testing that makes their genetics the whole package. It's an absolute honour to have Dark Horse Genetics judging in the Breeders Cup panel (N.America) If you would like to learn more about Dark Horse Genetics he has a great podcast called Dark Horse Live.




We're very excited to have an absolute legend in Karma Genetics who will be judging the Breeders Cup. This multiple award winning boutique breeder has been on the highest of levels for well over a decade now. Karma is constantly pushing the boundaries by creating and providing some of the most elite genetics the industry has to offer to date. With vigorous testing on plant stability and flavour profiles you know you're getting the real deal when that Karma packaging shows up at the door. A loyal fanbase is hard to come by in this industry but Karma has managed to pull it off and that is nothing short of spectacular and really should be commended. This is proof that hard work and passion doesn't go unnoticed and this is why so many growers & breeders look up to Karma's work for inspiration. 




@oniseedco are multiple award winning breeders from California that take pride in their craft creating elite genetics with superior selections. Oni Seed Co are constantly narrowing down the selections to only the best phenotypes with high focus on the terpene profiles and hash production and this thoughtful approach to their breeding has resulted in fans popping up worldwide to sample their products. In just a few years Oni Seed Co have not only become a household name at home but also a force to be reckoned with on the international scene and continue to go from strength to strength. We're very excited to have them judging the breeding category for N.America and we feel that their eye for gold will be priceless in this category.




We're delighted to have Amit from Pure Sativa judge the breeding category and for very good reason. Amit has been in the industry for over 20 years and has built one of the most reputable seed banks in the industry and a lot of this is down to quality control, filtering through a mass crowd of breeders to get to the gold standard which is far from an easy task! This demands a lot of time and dedication when working in such detail and this is evident in their product selection and presentation. Pure Sativa represents a standard of quality that other seed banks adhere to having exclusivity with some of the most reputable breeders in the world and continue to create great relationships with the biggest and the best in the industry.




Coming from the U.K Sour Genetics are gaining a big reputation for their elite genetics creating many new favourites. The Sour team are passionate about their craft and stay true to their name creating flagship strains that are super sour like the world renowned El Chapo which is just one of many!  Terpenes and great stability are a big part of the Sour Genetics set up with vigorous in house testing on all their lines along with community testing to verify their work. This attention to detail with a great eye for the future is why we're so delighted to have them judge in the Breeders Cup category.




It's an absolute pleasure to have Grow 420 Grow the creator and breeder of Sunken Treasure Seeds in the breeders category panel (N.America) This high-level Cali grower/breeder has got rave reviews for his products and with the hype surrounding his latest lines and with them selling out immediately, you can be sure that this brand will go from strength to strength. Grow420Grow's passion for the plant is also evident through his presentation bringing a lovely combination of product and display for all to admire. 


@grow420grow  -  @sunkentreasureseeds


T.H Seeds of Amsterdam have been in this game for a quarter of a century racking up multiple awards and with very good reason, quality and performance has always been at the forefront of their business and now their devoted growers and breeders are reaping the rewards of these actions. Many fans of T.H Seeds are drawn in by a great variety of genetics from old to new giving their customers a diverse spectrum of flavours to choose from. They continue to go from strength to strength and we're delighted to have them involved in this prestigious event.




We're delighted to have Trichome Jungle Seeds judge the Breeders Cup category and for very good reason. Trichome Jungle Seeds is multiple award winning breeder with many years experience giving customers stability in his seeds with an amazing variety of flavours from vigilant selections. His attention to detail from testing all the way to the crystal packaging is what has made Trichome Jungle Seeds a very unique brand and its very evident that there is an abundance of love and care that goes into each package.




The TRUTH is really out there! True Canna Genetics is a multiple award winning boutique breeder from the U.K who now applies his craft in BCN. True Canna Genetics is not one to jump on all the hype like so many others but still produces award winning genetics. I would take this as a lesson if your thinking about breeding because if you really want to be a true breeder with longevity in this day and age you must create your own identity or you are in competition with a large percentage of breeders in the industry all trying to do the same things which will eventually saturate itself if it hasn't already. True Canna is a fine example of how you can be successful by creating your own identity. 




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AUGUST 27TH-29TH 2021

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