We are excited to announce Audiokush as an official media partner.
Audiokush is an international cannabis news & lifestyle brand, based in Amsterdam. Dedicated to promoting the arts and cannabis culture, AudioKush is of the orientation that the cannabis plant is medicinal in nature and, when used correctly, can be life saving and have great impact upon many conditions which plague society. Here at AudioKush, it is our duty to inform the public of the changes and advances happening in the world of cannabis, enabling them to make well informed decisions for their best interest. AudioKush works tirelessly to raise awareness of cannabis culture by means of research, reporting, and hosting events internationally. AudioKush has partnerships across the cannabis industry ranging from coffeeshops, event organizers, dispensaries, and activists. We welcome partnerships with other organizations which share our mission or normalizing cannabis culture and making information and high quality products accessible to the general public, while expressing a deep appreciation for the culture around which it has developed.



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We are delighted to announce Dankdollz as an official media partner.

Dankdollz are a specialised media company dedicated to cannabis culture across the world. Their main focus is lifting the negative stigma around cannabis and reporting on the ever growing cannabis movement. They do all this with the help of their gorgeous DankDoll Models.

Their mission is to visit all cannabis and CBD associations worldwide, share their stories and views as well as bring news of global events around the world with the biggest Artists / Entertainers / Athletes / Medical researchers and share readers personal experiences. They include product reviews and give brands and businesses exposure via their websites, tv channels, social media channels and magazine.




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AUGUST 27TH-29TH 2021

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