Will I need to bring I.D to the main event?

Yes. Proof of age will be required and due to the nature of this event you must be 18+ to attend.

Where will the first edition of the Cannabis World Cup & Expo be held?

The first edition is to be held in the heart of Amsterdam. A stunning venue (Westergas) has been confirmed.

When will the full information be released for the Cannabis World Cup?

We are working extremely hard to finalise all the information and all will be posted and updated via our social media channels and via the website over the next few weeks. The best way to keep fully up to date with any updates is to subscribe to our website.

Will there be a physical event in North America for the first edition?

Due to logistics there will not be a physical event in N.America for our first edition however, all entries will be collated and distributed to our judges and the final scores and results will be revealed both online and at The Canna World Cup crowning ceremony.

Where can I buy tickets?

Ticket Fairy https://www.ticketfairy.com/event/the-cannabis-world-cup-expo-2021

How do I enter the Cannabis World Cup?

All details will be released via our website. You can register your interest to enter via our 'Enter' Cup section.

Will the Cannabis World Cup have transparent scoring?

All scoring will be totally transparent and we have gone above and beyond to ensure that every entry has an equal chance of winning. We have created a totally new scoring system meaning no judge will have sight of which entry they are judging, only a barcode will identify the entry submission.

Why are there so many judges in the Cannabis World Cup?

We have hand picked a world class judging panel, each with their own speciality. Unlike many other cups, it's not viable to test, score and judge 100's of entries and so each judge has been given a designated category where they can enjoy and score each entry at their leisure.

Is there a ticket pricing structure?

Yes. Early Bird, First release and Second release tickets are essentially all the same just with different price bands - they all have the same access to The Canna World exhibition however, earlier you buy a ticket, the better price you'll get. Please note, early brird tickets are limited to the first 2000 people ONLY, so be quick to snag one if you want to save some money.