Cup Entry / entrada de copa
Entry Rules & Info:
Each entry will be tested by GK Labs for Europe. We're yet to confirm our U.S lab but this news is coming very soon. Either region you're in you will receive a PDF certificate of authentication after the testing is finalised. From these tests, each entry accepted will automatically be entered into the THC Cup for Flower and Extract.
Can I enter more than 1 entry?
If you would like to enter more than one category this is absolutely fine but you are only able to enter 1 entry in each category that you choose and you can only enter a maximum of 5 categories so you can enter 1 - 5 entries in total.
You will be notified by email if you have successfully entered the cup category of your choice.
No fee is required for pre entry, all you have to do is fill out the form underneath to potentially secure your spot in this years cup. Entry fees will be required when samples are due which will be around October.
Entry fees:
1 Entry - 150.00
Contact address or number / Dirección o número de contacto
Instagram address for tagging / Dirección de Instagram para etiquetar
First Name / Primer nombre
Nickname or Company / Apodo o nombre de la empresa
European Categories / Categorías europa
North American Categories / Categorías del norte de Amrican
Strain name / nombre de la cepa
Genetics / Genética
Breeder / Criador

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