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How do I enter?
If you are interested in entering The Cannabis World Cup please fill in the registration form below and we will get back to you when the final details are ready to be released. We will be verifying every entry so please fill in as much as you can.

Will this competition be fair?
This cup will be transparent and we are presently coming up with ways in which we can execute this ethos with maximum effect so that even the most skeptical mind is reassured.
Will my product be tested?
Each entry will verified and product will be tested. We will be announcing the labs that we're collaborating with very soon from Europe and the U.S. Either region you're in you will receive a PDF certificate of authentication after the testing is finalised. From these tests, each entry accepted will automatically be entered into the THC Cup for Flower and Extract.
Can I enter more than 1 entry?
If you would like to enter more than one category this is absolutely fine but you are only able to enter 1 entry in each category that you choose and you can only enter a maximum of 3 categories so you can enter 1 - 3 entries in total. To enter more than once you must fill in the registration form again as they are separate entries.



To register for the Cannabis World Cup please fill in the form below.

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