It is an honour to announce our first Dutch artist BlabberMouf


BlabberMouf is an emcee from Heerlen, Netherlands. He is a member of the Het VerZet crew and Da Shogunz.

BlabberMouf, was born as Ruben Widdershoven, on December 30, 1987 and started writing rhymes and emceeing in 2002, when he was 15/16 years old.

The first crew he was in was called TIPB which was a crew of 4 emcee's: Ellmatic, Astronout, Doop, and Blabber.

The crew name TIPB stood for "Teksten In Perfect Balans" which is Dutch for "Lyrics in Perfect Balance."

It started out simple recording on a toy mic over fruity loops beats produced by Doop and Astronout. Around the same time they also started to do shows in the local area (Heerlen).

Later Marvel, Ntan, Mad Scientist (Producer), and DJ Vieze Vingerz joined the crew and Het VerZet was formed. Het VerZet started working on their debut album Greatest (S)hits , which after long and hard work was released on April 27, 2012.

In the process of making the Greatest (S)hits album, BlabberMouf also started to develop as a solo artist and started making demos with other producers. Around this time Astronout (Het Verzet) introduced Blabber to Propo, a producer from Utrecht. Because they had the same vision in what they wanted to do with the music they decided to hook up and do a project together.

They started doing tracks and perfecting their craft and a year later Corown da Sensei came together with the duo and Da Shogunz crew started to form. Later the producers Truffel the Phunky Phaqir, DJ Realize and KickBack joined the group.

The first Shogun Project, the Propo'88 & BlabberMouf full length debut album entitled From the Top of the Stack was released officially on October 26, 2012 and lead to B touring all over Europe to sell out audiences.


We are super hyped to have B perform in his country of birth, live  at The Canna World Cup.