We are absolutely devastated to announce The Canna World Cup due to take place in July is postponed.  Despite our very best efforts, it feels like the world is conspiring against at the moment. We are equally devastated that there are people actually involved in The Canna World Cup in some capacity also spreading fake news and giving us bad press. This is not only to the detriment of us, it is also damaging for everyone involved!

The Canna World Cup was always about the bringing together the POSITIVE aspects of the community and it’s extremely sad to see people turn against the team, spreading malicious rumours when we have only ever had everyone’s best interests at heart. 

We have been working around the clock,  doing everything within our power to find a solution to the many issues we have been experiencing, but time has sadly run out. We have left no stone unturned but with so little time, there is just no way we can put on a safe and well-executed event to the sheer scale, complexity, and intricacy of The Canna World Cup in July and failure is not an option! 

A mixture of contractual issues, travel issues for those unvaccinated, investors pulling out and staff leaving due to Covid, music artists not honouring signed and paid contracts, Instagram bans, venue contract issues and festival supply chain troubles and costs, means if we were to go ahead in July, we can not guarantee the success of The Canna World Cup. That simply can’t happen after ploughing everything in to this for over 3 years and all the hard work we have been doing. 

Time has run out for us to be able to proceed in a way that would live up to our high production standards for the event we had planned and so we have had to make the incredibly difficult decision to postpone for the good of everyone involved, most importantly our sponsors, vendors, competitors and those holding tickets. 

If we were to press ahead for July we would be gambling up to a 6-7 figure loss should the event not be able to go ahead. This will put the future of the festival at serious risk and we simply can’t afford to take that risk. 

As with 2022 , all tickets, sponsors, cup entries and music artists will now roll over to an alternative date which we are working on and will announce as soon as possible! 

We appreciate this news is highly disappointing however, please consider the teams efforts to get us to this point, many have worked for less than minimum wage due to cash flow issues as a result of Covid however, remain absolutely committed to making the rearranged festival a huge success. 

Although having to postpone again , this is totally out of our control and to say we are gutted is an understatement. 
As most of you will be able to appreciate this isn’t the news wanted we want to be delivering and no one is more disappointed that the Canna World Cup team. 

We will be back bigger and better but for now we have much work to do and we wanted to thank you all for your continued support! We also ask people not to listen to the rumours doing the rounds, this is and has ALWAYS been a legitimate event and the only reason we are postponing again is for the good of all those involved, it benefits us in no way whatsoever postponing! 

The Canna World Cup team

The stage is set, the backdrop, Amsterdam.

From the 1st - 3rd July 2022 in the haze of summer, thousands of like-minded global visitors will descend upon Europes hedonistic Cannabis metropolis. The occasion, The Cannabis World Cup festival, a celebration of Cannabis culture, exhibiting the worlds most distinguished Canna brands and the crowning the worlds finest growers and producers.
The Cup, taking place in the week leading up to the festival is being judged by over 70 of the industries most prominent figures and boasts an all-star line-up, like no other Cannabis Cup in history. 

The event is being held at the stunning Westergas, a colourful meeting point for arts and culture. The historical site, built in 1880 as a gas factory, has been transformed into a vibrant, cultural village embraced by the lush green of the Westerpark, a place where creativity, diversity and freedom are openly celebrated.

Showcasing World leading brands, products, pioneers, workshops, technology, music, food, networking events and conferences, including the prestigious Cannabis World Cup competition ceremony, there is something for even the most discerning.

After the cancellation of most events in 2020 and 2021, the 3-day festival will be a chance for celebration, bringing new hope and gathering the community like never before, helping to fight prohibition, spread legislation and opening the world to the many positive aspects of the plant so many hold dear.
The first edition of the Cannabis World Cup is set to be the most prestigious competition in cannabis history and an opportunity for the worlds finest Cannabis growers and related producers to compete and showcase their work. The world-renowned judging panel has been handpicked for their reputation within the industry and no Cannabis Cup to date can celebrate such an elite list of judges.
The Cannabis World Cup's ethos is transparency, giving each contestant equal opportunity to gain worldwide recognition and to be crowned a World Cup winner.
We have witnessed the rise and fall of many Cannabis Cups and exhibitions, leaving a gap in the industry for an elite competition, run with the integrity of smaller events, on a larger scale. This makes the annual Cannabis World Cup the first of its kind, raising the bar and setting the benchmark for the industry.